Biggest Nuisances of Owning a Cat

I know several people who could not live without their pets and some who would not want to live, period, without them. They become a companion and, oftentimes, become as beloved as any member of the family. That does not mean, however, that nuisances do not come along with them. In specific, I would like to address cats. Now, before we begin, it is important to note that I currently live with a cat and (in general) love them with every fiber of my being. So, I am not a biased despiser of felines. On the contrary, a cat-owner who wants to warn people of what they will be getting into if they are considering adding one to their family.

Cat Litter

Alright, let us get the obvious one right out of the way. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the catalyst to why I sometimes do not want to live with a feline. Not only is it necessary to resupply the litter whenever there is none remaining (which is not exactly cheap) but the litter box also requires regular cleaning. Scooping up feces is not exactly on the top of my list when it comes to in-home activities. Throughout my experience, I have noticed that cats seem to use the bathroom at an alarming rate. Be prepared to clean it out every single week!

The Hair

Whew, this is a monster. If you had to ask me which one was worse, this or the cat litter, I might just go with the excess hair that they shed. Trust me when I say, every single piece of furniture they crawl or sit on will leave remnants of hair. What is worse is if the carpets and furniture in one’s home have a texture and colorization that exposes all bacteria that are present on them. The only adequate way to deal with this, other than choosing a Sphynx cat, is to regularly vacuum all of it up. As a cat’s hair, can be bulky and thick, it is wise to think thoroughly on which model will make a good fit. Thankfully, at some of the best have been outlined.

Their Claws

All I can say is do not allow a cat into a room that has expensive furniture. Unless they are de-clawed, cats will rip and tear at anything they can get their hands on. Adequate responses can be to buy a scratching post, but sometimes that will not work. I constantly catch my current cat clawing her way through my couches, futons and chairs. In all seriousness, I can understand if people wanted to steer away from owning a cat for this reason alone. Now, if one is not planning on letting their feline outside, the option of de-clawing is open. Unfortunately, this takes away their defense mechanism.


I have heard the notion a thousand times that cats are independent and do not need to rely on humans. Every single cat I have lived with has defied this notion, so be prepared to listen to them whine and complain. In fairness, if they are constantly fed and paid attention to, then they will not be much of a nuisance. Much of the same can be said when they are taking a nap; as many will forget they are even in a house. But, if you ignore them for too long they will let you know (with a plethora of meows). And do not even get me started (if they are let outside) when they are deciding whether they want inside or outside.

They’re Nosy

So, what exactly do I mean when I say “they’re nosy”? Here is the brief, cats love to get up on tabletops and investigate every little thing in the house. This can become problematic for food, fragile objects, or any items that they are not supposed to get into. Oftentimes, it does not matter how high it is. If they have the means to get up, they will. Over time, I have tried to train every cat I have lived with not to do so. But, most of the time, to no avail.

I do not want people to get the wrong impression, cats are terrific pets that are meant to be a person’s companion. Just know, some nuisances come along with them.