What to do With Your Friends

Do you find yourself constantly bored when you are spending time with your friends? Is it because no one in your group has the money to splurge on anything? Not surprisingly so, in today’s world, it can be difficult to have a good time with no money. However, just like alcohol, money does not have to be present for you to enjoy your friends’ company. This post is here so that the next time you ponder the thought of what to do with your friends, you will have something to reference. Sure, not all of you are going to find enjoyment in the upcoming potential ideas but it will at least give you activities to contemplate.

A Group Bike Ride

Hanging out with friends does not always have to entail sitting around being lazy. Sure, that can be enjoyable from time to time but other times it is nice to move around a little. You could just settle for going for a walk and, honestly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The more enjoyable means of transporting alongside your friends, though, is via bicycles. Whether you want to plan a trip where you go to a local park or bike trail, or simply bike around town is irrelevant. The point is that you are enjoying each other’s company. Ironically, as the focus is not supposed to be on the money, you may not have a bicycle. At http://www.cyclingplaza.com/schwinn-phocus-road-bicycle/, if you do not, you will find a great option that may suit you perfectly.

Movie/Game Night

Let’s say you and your buddies are feeling ultra lazy, or the weather is simply poor outdoors, how about a movie/game night? There does not have to be a set schedule, either, just decide on the go what you want to watch and/or play. Be sure to have all the necessary items to do so, however. Whatever you do not have, see if one of your friends does and is willing to transfer over. From there, you could watch horror, action, comedy, or drama movies and play the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4. The world of movies and video games is infinite, so be creative as there are several ways you could go about this.

Card Games

Do you happen to have a 52-card regulation playing deck lying around anywhere? If you do, or if one of your friends does, then you have yourself countless hours of entertainment. Even if you do not know very many card game variations, you can look them up. To give you an idea of some of the most entertaining, try these out: Poker, Euchre, Golf, Spoons and BS. Much like with movies and video games, that is just scratching the surface and there are plenty more games you can find. To spice it up, with no money, you could require that the loser of each game be punished in some way.

A Bonfire

After a long day with your closest friends, you could unwind with a relaxing bonfire. Obviously, mother nature would have to cooperate with you. Depending on your relationship with your friends, this could be a great time to discuss any stresses about life; or just about life, in general. If that is not the way you roll, you could bring up any discussion (sports, politics, religion, etc.). Or, you could simply sit around the campfire and share past stories to make everyone spit up in laughter. Whatever you decide is perfectly fine, this is just the best way to bond with them.

Play a Pick-Up Game

Yes, this is completely dependent on the interest you and your friends share for sports. With two or three of your friends present, you could easily start a pick-up game of whatever sport you want. The most popular would be basketball, but you could also go with football, hockey or soccer. Friendly competition is usually a good thing if it does not get blown out of proportion.For your friends who do not suffer from over-competitiveness (and even if they do, quite frankly), duking it out can be as satisfying as anything else. Much like when playing card games, you could punish the loser in whatever way you would like. This will give more incentive to win and, thus, make it even more enjoyable (for the winner).

In a world that is driven by money, you would think that having fun without it is impossible. Admittedly so, money is nice to have but it is not a necessity when it comes to having a good time. As you now see, there are plenty of activities that you can do with your friends without costing you a dime (relatively speaking). Even if you have the money, this gives you a way to have fun while sparing it for future endeavors.