Top 7 Sports Games in Virtual Reality

Top 10 Sports Games in Virtual Reality

Does your doctor tell you that you need to exercise more but you rather stay at home watching TV or playing video games? Well, guess what? There are hundreds of sports games available in virtual reality that force you to move.

Obviously, you can’t compare this to running a few kilometers or doing an intense cardio workout on an elliptical machine but at least you have to get off your couch and move your arms to play these games so let’s take a look at the most popular sports games that are VR has to offer.

But before that take a look at VirZoom

VirZoom is an exercise machine that is compatible with a wide range of games, there’s even a Formula One game based on peddling, how about that? This explanation makes a lot of sense of course because how else you would you be able to move a car while exercising at the same time. Pushing it definitely won’t cut it so this is an excellent choice for people that truly want to work out.

But there’s much more choice, there are horse riding games, flying over the tree tops on a horse¬†(I know it sounds kind of crazy), heck you can even do the Tour D’France with one of their games or something that resembles it closely. Kayaking, controlling a helicopter, battle tanks, and even flying an air balloon belong to the options to ensure you will never get bored while cycling. Now that is something for doctors to recommend, I almost feel the urge to get one myself.

Now let’s look at some other games

The Oculus Rift is a rather new device that comes with some of the most exciting games ever made so it only makes sense I start with this one.

Racket: NX

A ball game where you need to slide the ball among the floor and hit as many tiles as possible, I’m not exactly sure how that works as it sounds like a lot of bending is involved to pull this off so if you have back problems this might not be your game of choice. On the other hand, you’re probably holding a stick that you hit the ball with and you have to master the art of keeping the ball rolling instead of flying. Definitely worth checking out and awesome enough to keep you busy for a few evenings.


Quite similar to the above game but here it’s the art to keep the ball flying in the air. Your hands act as racquets and the goal is to hit the backboard of your opponent. It’s a bit like the game pong on the age-old Atari’s but then in a virtual reality world of course. Personally, I think I would be quite bored after playing this for an hour or so so it’s definitely not on top of my list but you might like it nonetheless.

Echo Arena

Now we’re getting somewhere, Echo Arena is a frisbee game and boy do I love frisbee, I can’t remember how many times I played this in my youth so this game definitely has my attention. The goal is to throw the disc as fast as possible and into the goal of your opponent and as it’s a multi-player game (up to five people) you won’t get bored anytime soon as it can get quite hectic. The graphics are absolutely stunning btw, figured that’s at least worth mentioning.


Sparc is another ball game where you have to throw the ball directly at your opponents while avoiding flying orbs that are there to distract you. I just read someone saying that he was jumping in his room to catch the ball and that he hit his head a few times thanks to the low ceiling so you might want to keep that in mind before you start playing this game as it can get quite heated.

Sports games for the HTC Vive

If you own a virtual reality set from HTC there is no shortage in sports apps either so let’s see what we can come up with.

Virtual Sports

Although the name itself isn’t very revealing it’s a tennis/table tennis game, and if there’s something I like more than frisbee than it’s definitely table tennis so this one has my vote for sure. You can either play against the computer or against a friend if he also owns a Vive.

VR Minigolf

Those good old times during our camping trips in France. If you have some younger kids this is definitely a must-have as they will absolutely love it. You can use your controller and hold it as if it were a golf club which makes it even more realistic.

Sportsbar VR

The older folks will definitely love this, playing a game of snooker/pool in a bar environment, now all you need to do is make sure that your wife or girlfriend, or friends refresh your drink once in a while to make it the ultimate experience. Damn, I love the HTC Vive already.

In Conclusion

If you’re more into hyperintense ball games then the Oculus should be your preferred choice while if you’re into more realistic games like golf, tennis, snooker, and so forth than the Vive is what you should get.