Technology of a New Age

In the last hundred years, human society has come incredible lengths by leaps and bounds. From the Industrial revolution that spawned the invention of an incredible amounts of machines to the advent of the internet in the late 1970’s, the world has become a different place. In today’s world, technology has made its’ way into every part of our lives.

Technology is evident in everything we do. For example, we have the technology to play video games with different gamers all around the world from the comfort of your own living room. You are even able to talk to them about the game you are playing in real time. There are also tablets that allow you to have a miniature computer that can fit in your purse. You can play games, go on the internet, and answer your work emails from anywhere. There are three things that meet the guidelines for high tech, new age advancement.

The internet has done incredible things in the world of technology. The internet has made its’ way into every industry across the globe.

  • The internet has revolutionized the retail shopping industry. Every established retailer now offers shopping online for clothes, shoes, electronics, and everything in between. It is even the place where some labels and brands only exist. Sites like Amazon are even expanding their reach into grocery shopping, a long way from their start selling books on the internet.
  • Internet technology has made its’ way into business applications and makes it possible for companies on the opposite side of the world to work together on the same project. Businesses and corporations around the world are using the internet to maximize their efficiency and profits.
  • It is almost a necessity these days that all businesses are using the internet for marketing and advertising. Every business needs to have a website today in order to be relevant and to bring in and maintain customers. Consumers are looking to the internet to research brands and options before they even go shopping.

The first smartphone came out in 2007 and they have been a change in the way that we live in our world today.

  • Smartphone give people the availability of the internet right in their pocket. It makes the access to information so convenient and instant, in way we never thought was possible.
  • Many people need their smartphone so that they are more efficient with clients and work, even when they are not in the office. They are able to use their smartphones to communicate with their international clients whenever they need to. They can also check their emails and work on projects right from their phones so that they don’t miss anything that is going on at work.
  • The apps that people are able to access with their smartphones are amazing. There are apps that can do just about everything. They have apps for meditation, order a ride through rideshare apps like Uber, and apps to track the miles you log on your vehicle for work. There are even thousands of different game apps that people play on their phones every day. Apps have become an industry and a money maker all their own.

Another place where technology has created incredible innovations is in the car industry. There are things in cars that people never dreamed there would be.

  • Some cars are now WIFI hotspots. This is to make sure that you can always hook up to the internet no matter what type of mobile device you are on or where you are.
  • Many cars come with infotainment systems as well. Infotainments systems are a way to link your phone to your car so that your car will do all the same things your phone does. You can make voice activated phone calls and text messages, access your music playlists, and access all of your apps on your phone. These systems even allow you to run diagnostic checks on your car and have the information emailed right to your inbox. They also make it possible to start your car from your phone. These systems are amazing.
  • Many vehicles even have self-driving capabilities now. They are able to park themselves and help drivers to stay within their lanes to provide added safety on the road. Many car companies are working on creating cars that are totally self-driving so that a driver is almost not needed at all. That is pretty amazing considering cars are just a little over a hundred years old as an invention as it is.
  • Alternative fuels are another technology that is becoming more and more popular. People are so much more aware of their carbon footprint than they have ever been, and these alternative fuels are working to diminish the carbon footprints of vehicles, which are the worst. Fully electric cars are a wave of the future because of the efficiency and their non-dependence on any sort of fossil fuels.
  • They also have cameras that assist people in backing up and parking because no one want to dent that car that is next to them in that parking garage.

Technology is a part of our lives and will be increasingly so as time goes on. We have vacuum cleaners that run on their own and systems, like Alexa, that are beginning to turn homes into smart homes. It is amazing to see how far out society has come and incredible to think where we are going.