Read This Before you Buy a Kitchen Sink

A good kitchen sink, irrespective of the style must have specific traits. What follows is a rundown of essential highlights the most important considerations you should make when shopping for a sink that’ll not only serve for long but also give value for your money.

The Size


Of course, you have to choose a sink that can fit into your kitchen. Other than that, the individual bowls must be large enough to meet your needs. You’re better off with a sink that offers adequate space for you to clean your dishes without occupying a lot of space.

You also need to ensure that the sink you’re planning to buy can fit into your cabinets unless you’re doing a remodel. The idea is to enable you to know how big the model is and most importantly if it will fit into your kitchen’s cabinet.

The Number of Bowls


The ideal should be able to handle the activities in your kitchen. If you do a lot of baking, for instance, you should go for a sink that has a large bowl, preferably a single bowl sink. Or, a double bowl model that’s big enough to allow you to soak your pans.

The idea sink for your cooking place should feature generous bowls that let you wash and soak your dishes comfortably. Industry experts recommend that you choose a double sink if you share responsibilities in your kitchen.

The Features


Some of the must-have functions of any kitchen worth your money include;

Steep, Straight Side Walls – While a deep sink will handle big pots and pans, a flat bottom makes the sink more usable not to mention that it allows you to stack your dishes and glasses safely.

Off-set Drains – Choose a sink that allows you to place a drain off the side to make the space below the bowl usable. Besides an offset drain make it easy for you get rid of the water even you’ve soaked the large pans and pots inside your sink.

Web/Divider – If you choose a double bowl sink, make sure that it comes with a web divider that’s low than the outside walls. This enables the water to flow from one bowl to another, thereby providing overflow protection.




A kitchen sink is as good as the materials used to make it. Here’s a breakdown for you.

Stainless Steel – Most kitchen sinks are stainless steel, with various gauges. A high gauge means that the steel is thin and vice versa. Stainless steel sinks are generally lighter than any other type and relatively durable.

Copper – These sinks are durable and won’t rust. They’re a good pick if you want a unique finish. Plus, copper is naturally bacterial and virus repellent.

Fireclay – These are also durable and heat resistant. They don’t chip or scratch too. On top of that, fireclay sinks won’t discolor or fade and come in a collection of colors. And just like their copper counterparts, fireclay sinks are bacteria resistant.

Other materials include porcelain, acrylic, composite, granite, and cast iron. The most important to keep in mind regarding materials is that they dictate the sink’s durability. Indeed, it makes perfect sense to go for the most durable sink within your price range.

…Remember, What Other Says is Crucial


Here’s the thing – you’re better off spending your money on a highly rated sink with lots of rave reviews to its name. See, what users say about a specific sink is essential. Reviews, at their very core, give you an idea of what to expect with the sink you’re about to buy.

Of course, you should choose a sink with the highest rating. Avoid anything with negative reviews. Remember to read independent reviews as well. And, speaking of reviews, visit Pimp my Sink to sample top rated kitchen sinks on the market and what makes them worth your attention. That way, it is easier to get value for your money.

The Bottom Line


You shouldn’t buy any kitchen sink without looking at what it has to offer. At the very least, it should meet your filling and cleaning needs. Note – the most expensive model isn’t necessarily the best and vice versa. Focus on function and quality.