Making Healthy Teeth Fun for Kids

It is a well known fact that brushing your teeth and proper oral care is very important to maintaining a healthy mouth. You can help prevent bad breath and more serious issues like gingivitis by brushing regularly. It is just as important for young children to begin having good brushing habits and keep their own teeth in good shape. It will take some time for them to master the task and you can play a big role in the process. While your children may be less than thrilled about having to brush their teeth every single day, there are steps you can take to help make it more enjoyable for them.

Get Them a Cool Toothbrush

You can actually get really far in your quest to get your kids to enjoy brushing their teeth by purchasing them a cool toothbrush that they can have fun with. There are many neat color options that are bright and vibrant that will attract their attention. You can even get them a toothbrush with their favorite cartoon character on it that they should immediately gravitate to.

An electronic toothbrush is a great choice for a kid that lets them focus more on brushing each tooth instead of the hand motion that they might not be good at yet. They may also get a lot of fun out of the automatic rotation of the toothbrush that feels different than manual brushing does. Toothbrush Best is an excellent resource for electronic toothbrush information. Like any other enjoyable device your child owns, if they feel that brushing their teeth is more fun than work, they may choose to brush without you having to remind them to.

The Right Toothpaste Is Big

No matter how young or old you are, using unpleasant tasting toothpaste can be a major downside to brushing. The taste of your kid’s toothpaste can be a huge negative if they are disgusted by it and they might decide that they just rather not brush at all. Since you are going to need them to brush their teeth daily no matter what, everyone will be best served by providing them with toothpaste that they like. Good toothpaste that is sweet and somewhat tasty to your child can instantly make them more receptive to brushing. The taste factor can be another one of those things that make the difference between a kid brushing their teeth because they want to instead of just because they have to. There are many toothpaste brands that are made specifically for children that should accommodate them a little better than your average toothpaste would.

Music Can Motivate

Since we all should brush our teeth for about two minutes or more, a well-timed song can work wonders when your child is brushing. You can play a fun tune in the bathroom that lasts long enough for them to put even the correct amount of brushing time and it can help train them in that sense. There are certain fun songs out there that were made just for tooth brushing time that can help them have a little more fun than they would by just brushing alone. If one of your child’s favorite songs is playing while they are brushing, they may feel like brushing even longer than normal. Making dental hygiene a fun activity can be one of the best ways to teach them good habits that will stick with them for the long-term.

You Can Join In On the Fun

A fun activity can include you brushing your own teeth at the same time as your child. This serves as a pleasant distraction from their task and they will see that they are not alone in the need to maintain their teeth. You can even add a fun song that you both enjoy to make the process that much more entertaining. They can also learn proper technique by watching you brush your teeth up-close and imitate you. It can turn into a daily activity that you do together and serve as a way to bond with each other. Young children may need you to brush their teeth for them at first and they will gradually get the hang of it. This is also a great way to pass them lessons and tips while you are brushing together so that it becomes a learning activity that feels more like teamwork.

Teaching your little ones how to brush their teeth correctly is one of those lessons that will stick with them for a lifetime. It can be as fun as you want to make it and can also be a great way to spend time together. Good oral health is something that we all should be skilled at and passing on the right habits to the next generation is something you can take great satisfaction in. Plus, seeing your child flash an adorable, healthy smile is priceless.