Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Instagram is a goldmine for markets. It represents a platform that marketers can use to grow their brands and expand their reach to many customers across the world.

Unfortunately, many marketers don’t know how to use Instagram effectively. They use tactics that net them only a few followers and likes and also end up appealing to the wrong kind of users that don’t share relevant content. Due to this, you find it hard to retain your followers.

If your plan is to have a sustainable Instagram marketing strategy, you need to find a way to get more followers and then retain them.

There are some mistakes that you make which make this hard to achieve. Let us enumerate them.

Posting Similar Content Each Time

If you are following someone on Instagram who shares the same picture day in and day out, the first thought is usually to unfollow him. If you share a similar image each day, your followers end up unfollowing you.

What you need is to share original content that is useful to the audience. Original content means that you have to take pictures that are unique, but that doesn’t have the same theme because your audience will realise this easily.

You should look for a way to come up with new content each time. If you are running a manufacturing business, you can post something about the behind-the-scenes processes. This will keep the ideas fresh and will retain your followers.

Poor Timing

You might have the right kind of content, but if you don’t know what time to post the content, then you might not get the response that you need. Perform some research and find out what times are ideal for posting depending on the time zone of your audience.

You need to post the content when most of your followers are active and awake. This way they can see your content and engage with you. If you post at the wrong times, your content will go unnoticed most of the time.

Spamming Your Followers

It is one thing to have proper timing for your posts, and another thing to spam your followers.

Many people argue that you need to post often, true. Posting infrequently drives away your followers. But it is also true that if you post too frequently, you end up chasing away the followers because the images become blurred on the feed, and won’t look appealing to your followers.

What you need to do is to post once or twice a day, which is a great way to keep your followers hooked on your posts each day.

Using Automation the Wrong Way

Automation is one of the ways to get followers on your account and make it stand out among the many in the niche. You need to take time and get the right automation tool and use it the right way.

One of the roles of automation is to grow your following and have more likes on your posts. Take time to know how many followers you need and buy a package that suits you. The good thing is that the service adds the followers and likes in a natural way, which prevents you from getting banned.

Among the top services that offer followers and likes is Social Flight, which has been reviewed extensively on This tool helps you grow your brand the right way.

Final Words

One of the best ways to grow your brand on Instagram is to avoid the common mistakes that have been known to make accounts ineffective. Take time to know when your followers are active, post at the required frequency and use automation the right way.