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The State of World Liberty Project monitors the level of individual and economic freedom and limited government in countries around the world. We are also working to become a resource on the progress of libertarian and free market liberal political movements, as well as an international forum for discussion for people involved in these movements.

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The 2006 State of World Liberty Index is a compilation of data from four major freedom indices: The Fraser Institute and The Cato Institute "2005 Economic Freedom of the World"; The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal "2006 Index of Economic Freedom"; Freedom House "2005 Freedom in the World"; and Reporters without Borders "Press Freedom Index". The SoWL Index scores and ranks 166 countries based on three criteria: individual freedom, economic freedom and government size and taxation.

We have begun to compile a list of political parties around the globe that fit within the libertarian and free market liberal ideology. These parties advocate policies of greater economic and individual liberty and less government and government abuse. While not all of these parties agree on everything, all have demonstrated a strong value for freedom. Please help us by contributing to the list and watch the news section for updates on news about these parties and their progress.

(The forums have been temporarily disabled due to large amounts of spam and relative inactivity. Please contact us via e-mail to give Index corrections/suggestions/feedback, suggest adding/removing a party from the Directory, give us news, etc. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. Admin 10/18.)
Join the discussion on our forums, where libertarians and free liberals around the world can communicate about the movement, political action, news, the State of World Liberty Index and ideas for encouraging progress towards a freer world.

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