Hamilton Beach 51101BA Personal Blender with Travel Lid Review

 Travel Lid, You Say?

Travel lids are a lot more important than you may think, because many people tend to just carry their smoothies around in the blender (as opposed to transferring it towards another different piece of cookware). With a travel lid, it makes you a lot more efficient while trying to maintain a diet – your smoothies will make sure that all of your nutritional needs are met without any real trouble. I had a very good reason for making the transition to drinking smoothies, and it’s probably one that improve my life in a very significant way.

How So?

By drinking smoothies on a daily basis, I’m able to achieve a certain type of nutrition that I’ve never received before. I was always the chunky kid in class, and as soon as I saw the type of reviews that they were giving on Smoothy Makers Paradise, there was really no way I could refuse the transition any longer. I was able to shed a lot of the excess fat I was sporting on my mid-section, and the girls give me second looks now!


Smoothie makers need to have useful features, or else what’s the point? This is a very compact design that’s meant to be used in compact spaces, and is perfect for pretty much making smoothies and any other kind of shake you might like. There’s a one touch operation in action for this specific smoothie maker, and the 14 oz blending jar means that you can double it as a travel cup. The 175 watt motor pretty much sums up efficiency as a whole, and it’s a really reliable product to be using.

The Pro’s of This Maker

As far as the pro’s go, this is a smoothie maker that has yet to disappoint. The one touch operation means that going through the blending process will be very easy, and the fact that it’s one of the most reliable smoothie makers I’ve ever seen adds to that. The blender jar actually has nothing BPA related in it either, which is a nice little tab to take note of – I’ve also used it to make dozens of different salad makers!

The Con’s of This Maker

I don’t have a lot of problems with smoothie makers in general, but there’s always going to be something. In this case, I pretty much just wish it would have came with an additional traveling cup, especially one that was sizable. I like taking my smoothie on the go, but not having to make a difficult swap!


As a smoothie maker, this is one that deserves to be recognized. With 175 watts of power, your motor will always have enough juice to get through even the toughest fruits and vegetables around. There’s no limit to what kind of stuff you can begin blending, and I’d stick to that statement. If you want a good smoothie maker, you want this product right here.