Getting Followers for Your Hotel Business

Do you have issues with your hotel’s Instagram following and you wish to remedy it? The need for this is that with more Instagram followers you get assured of more bookings.

Instagram now boasts of more than 800 million users every month, which is more than the population of the United States. With such a number, you are looking at a platform that gives you millions of potential reservations.

With such a number, the potential to get the reservations is great, but you might be hitting a wall every time you try to come up with more followers. You might be stuck at a few hundred, or even a few double digits, and you are spending more time checking out the accounts of your competitors and seeing how they have followers that you only dream of. Well, this won’t be a dream anymore.

Let us look at a few ways to double your followers in no time at all.

Go Local

The truth is that the people that wish to come to your hotel aren’t just coming for a stay; they are in the locality for something else as well. So, go ahead and make your Instagram more local as well.

To do this, you need to make sure you showcase all the things that you do around the hotel so that you can encourage more reservations. You can take pictures of the local items that relate to your hotel and post them, or take a video about a local landmark and post them to connect with your audience.

Go Behind the Scenes

While it’s true that many people won’t be on the lookout for the gruesome details of how some things are made, in most instances people love to know what is happening behind the scenes. This applies to your guests as well, and Instagram is the best way to give them this opportunity.

Showcase your dedicated workers happily working on the beautiful items for the restaurant. It both gives a human face to the account and provides some authenticity to the hotel.

Make It Cool

There is always something that makes the hotel look cooler than the other hotels in the neighborhood. To make the hotel cool, talk about something that makes it unique, such as a milestone in its history or the outlook of the hotel.

Have a Contest

Contests are a good way to create a lot of buzz around a product and then engage with the customers, in this world of online sharing, this can be an easy way to get your hands on some user-generated content. Ask those who participate to share some content that relates to the hotel in one way or another, and this makes sure you get the viral touch that you have been looking for all day.

In addition, take the contest to a new level by extending it for a few more months or weeks so that you can capture the various challenges. This allows the followers to get more Instagram followers.

Use Automation

Automation helps you to get targeted followers for your hotel. Targeting followers mean that you use a particular keyword to find the kind of followers that you need for your account. With the right bot, you can also add followers automatically depending on the hashtag that you are targeting, which is a fact emphasized by Fred Harrington.

In Closing

It takes more than just starting a hotel account to get what you need in terms of a huge following. For a hotel business, the more the number of followers you have, the higher the chances of getting more reservations, which in turn mean more business for your hotel.