Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy A Built-In Ice Maker

With every appliance you buy, you need to make a serious research and compare and contrast every model. It is important to know before you make a purchase if that machine needs special conditions, special piping or if it has other needs. There is the possibility to buy an ice maker and when you arrive home it might not fit, it might not work and alterations of your kitchen will be needed. You don’t want to be put in this situation and to avoid it the simplest way is to research every aspect, characteristic and parameter, before you arrive in the shop.

Ice machines are very popular nowadays, because the hot weather makes us dream about glasses full of ice and delicious drinks. The ice makers are a must in every restaurant and bar, but they started to be a common appliance in many kitchens. They can make very fast ice and they can reach even 50 pounds a day. It is a good investment; the prices start at $300 and can go up to $3000 for more professional machines. You have to know that there are many types, but if you find a built-in ice dispenser on sale and you need such an appliance, check the following characteristics and make that purchase if everything is ok.

Built-in ice makers need a water line

The built-in ice machines are the undercounter ones and they will be installed under your kitchen counter. There isn’t any slot where you can add water; the machine needs to be connected to a water line. Therefore, before you buy it, make sure you have or you can add very easily such a pipe.

Drain lines are needed as well

There are two different types of undercover ice machines. Some of them produce ice and keep it frozen and other cannot maintain it frozen and the ice will start to melt. With this last type you will need a drain for the melted ice. Check if the ice machine needs a drain and if so, make sure you can add something like this in your system.

Check if you have enough space and access to a socket

The last technical issue is to have an accessible socket. You cannot run the machine without electricity click here and you will need an outlet behind the counter. Moreover, you have to check the dimensions and if it fits, because even if most built-in machines have standard measurements, there can be differences between producers.

Think about a water filter

They don’t come with a filter and your water system might not have one. In this case, it is recommended to add a water filter because it brings many advantages. You will prolong the life of the machine, the distance between the cleanings will be longer and the ice will be cleaner and it will taste better.