Current Technologies That Are Changing The World

Some ideas like instant settling of international payments and relaying of real-time news were mere dreams a few decades ago. We live in a world where streaming services, mobile devices, and social networks are already taking over. Some business owners who have refused the wave of technological innovation have been forced to scale down, and some kicked out of business. The following are some of the technologies that are taking over the world

Driverless vehicles

How cool could it be when you have a car that will wade through different streets without a driver and still drive to your preferred destination? Some prototypes are ready to make this dream a reality. Such a vehicle will be programmed to respond to various instructions and read the external environment and take action. It is important to note that these cars will not only take people from one point to the other but will transform the entire transport industry in areas such as deliveries and ordering of various services.


We as humans face a lot of challenges, but we can overcome most of them with the technologies and intellect that we possess. For instance, we can make our bodies resistant to certain strains of diseases through genetic engineering. There are always mixed reactions when it comes to this concept as there are people who support and those who oppose in equal measures. As Human Paragon announced, the idea of transhumanism is broad and holds certain beliefs about how life should be and how technology can help us shape our future while making life better.


The first time that blockchain technology was seen in a real application was when Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the Blockchain Whitepaper in 2009. Some people can still not tell the difference between blockchain and bitcoin ten years later. Those who have taken their time to study blockchain now understand that it has more applications beyond the crypto craze. For instance, blockchain can make elections more transparent as it relays real-time results that are hard to manipulate after an entry has been made and verified. The real estate sector is also benefiting from tokenization where retail investors can become partial owners of a property which lowers the entry barrier.


Some people argue that robots might render people jobless in the decades to come. Companies that make such robots use them in various applications such as factory assistants and also on the battlefield. Robots do not get tired like humans and can thus work for 24 hours, and they do not need remuneration. Some robots operate in the security space and can detect unusual activities and raise alarm in real-time. However, there will always be tasks that will require human reasoning, and it is hard to develop a robot with such abilities.

Artificial Intelligence

Humans are known for their intelligence, but machines also have artificial intelligence. AI is not a new thing as the first instance of something similar to AI was documented 60 years ago. IBM was the first company to develop a supercomputer with AI capabilities, Deep Blue, that defeated Garry Kasparov, the then world chess champion in 1997. Similar supercomputers that could match humans were developed in the later years. There have been advances in algorithmic, data science and increasing computer power that has been making AI more advanced. AI is already in major fields such as medicine where it helps practitioners with the diagnosis. AI is also huge in smart homes, which can read instructions from the external environment and take necessary action.

Use of drones

These devices were mostly used in the past by the military to spy on enemies. The past decade has changed the concept, and now they are in photography and cinematography. We also have some drones that people fly for fun, which is also a source of entertainment. Various manufacturers are also working towards developing drones that can deliver supplies in inaccessible areas, which will change the delivery business for good.

Remaining updated on the major technologies that are reshaping this world is the only way to ensure that you do not miss a single opportunity. There may be some technologies that may lead to job loss, but most of them are opening new opportunities for humans.