5 Essential Things You Need to get For Your Dog

5 Essential Things You Need to get For Your Dog

Thought about getting yourself a cute puppy? Do keep in mind that besides walking them three times a day, and another two quick out of the doors to let your dog do what we all need to do there are a couple of things you can and should buy to make the life of your new love a little more pleasant, so let’s discuss what is needed.

A whelping box

I bet you hadn’t thought of that, obviously, there is no need to buy that straight away but if you have a female dog it’s definitely something to watch out for as an accident can happen easily, especially if it’s one of those cute dogs that all the other dogs in your neighborhood love. Sure you keep her on the leash at first but after some time dogs love to run in the wild and anything can happen so make sure you are prepared for the worst or best depending on how you see it.

A heated bed

Many people tend to think dogs can sleep on the floor but in the winter your floor can get icy cold if your house isn’t isolated in the best way possible. A header pet bed is an awesome solution so that your dog can wake up happily without a sore back or other aches. Especially for older dogs, this is an absolute must have at some point in their lives.

A kennel

This must be first on your list if you’re about to get a puppy, they love to explore and I’m sure your garden isn’t as watertight as you think it will be. A kennel for in the garden is definitely no luxury and allows your dog to have fun while you’re doing the daily chores. Make sure it’s large enough so that it doesn’t feel locked up in any way and make sure you include some toys to occupy your dog, otherwise it can get boring fast.

Plastic feeders

If you plan to get more than one dog then this is extremely handy, most allow you to put 6 cups inside so even if you have a whole nest you’re probably done with just one of them. Making it a lot easier to move the food around instead of having to lift 6 cups at 2 at a time and have your dogs fighting for who’s first as they are always hungry, you know how that goes!

Indoor crate

Same like you want to have a kennel for outside you want something similar for inside, especially when they are young they like to chew on everything they can get their paws on so if you care about your furniture this should be on top of your list, and you definitely won’t regret it. Especially for overnight or while you are gone you can leave them in the crate with some small toys and a bowl of water and they’ll be fine and won’t even notice you are gone!