3 Reasons Why Police ID Cards Are Important

Picture a scene in which two men are about to get in a feud over a parking space. Person #1 claims that he is about to park at a spot when Person #2 swiftly parks at the same spot. Moreover, Person #1 finds the gesture rude and offensive and then declares an ultimatum that Person #2 owes him $25 for leaving him to pay for private parking.

In such a case, a police officer’s intervention is necessary because he has the authority to prevent the mild feud from moving forward to the next level. Fortunately, there is a police officer in the scene. Unfortunately, however, he has no ID (identification) card.

If he had an ID card, that police officer could have intervened and prevented the feud’s possible escalation. He could have just taken out the police ID card from his pocket and then flashed it to confirm his identity, which could have taken him no more than a minute. Then, he could have asked both parties to settle and compromise.

Here is a list of reasons why police ID cards are important.

1 – No More Identity Theft

Without an ID card, a police officer is susceptible to identity theft. This is a police ID card and an ID card system’s major advantage because unfortunately, stealing a police officer’s identity is not rare. It allows someone to impose dominion over some situations.

For example, a person who claims he is a police officer can authorize other people to obey his commands. Especially if he declares himself as one of the neighborhood police officers, some people will adhere to his regulations.

Moreover, a random individual can easily impersonate a police officer and then abuse the power by exploiting other people. This random individual could also engage in criminal activities, and then qualify for certain privileges (e.g. enter crime scenes, attend police meetings) due to his fake identity.

If it has an ID card system (and has disseminated instructions for people to recognize a county police officer as such only if he can show his police ID card), a county’s police force is on the right track. Granted, of course, that this is unique, features a high-quality county logo, and comes with special information, having a police ID card is a preventive measure against identity theft. With an ID card, a police officer can verify the facts and then effortlessly reclaim his identity.

2 – Quick Identification

Quick intervention is also another reason why a police ID card is important.

Just as the above-mentioned scenario (in the introduction) suggests, police intervention can be necessary. Whenever you are in a verbal argument with someone, which could result in a physical battle, the presence of a police officer who can act as mediator is most likely to resolve your problem.

On the other hand, you can disregard that police officer’s authority if he fails to confirm his identity. Since he cannot establish trust, he is quite powerless. Regardless of him wearing a police officer’s uniform and even holding a weapon, you could label him as a passerby if he will not show credentials. Without his ID card, you would have virtually zero confidence in him.

If the tools that can confirm his identity are (at least) 5-page paper documents and a call from his supervisor, it would take a longer time for a police officer to be allowed intervention. In such a case, he can jeopardize situations that necessitate immediate intervention (e.g. some instances that involve domestic violence, fire-related emergencies).


3 – Customizable

On top of that, most service-providers that produce police ID cards grant the opportunity to have these ID cards customized. This means that you can choose your own design, format, and additional designs.

If you go to easyidcard.com, you can avail of highly customizable police ID cards. As the website states, customizing and personalizing these police ID cards is easy.

This is advantageous considering you have better control of your order. If you are aiming for a strictly authoritative style, you can customize the police ID cards to feature just the name, county logo, and police officer’s photo. Conversely, if you want a more approachable vibe, a loose font in presenting the important personal information is advisable.

Closing Remarks

In summation, a police ID card is useful since it lets a police officer increase other people’s confidence in him. It rectifies problems with identity theft, serves as a tool for quick identification, and is customizable.

Similarly, showing other people an ID card that credits a police officer as a law enforcer gives him a boost of confidence, too. This is a benefit since most police officers are proud of the fact that they are law enforcers.

With a police ID card, a police officer does not have to explain and discuss his profession. He can simply pin his ID card on an easily visible area on his shirt (e.g. left chest, right side) for others to recognize him as an authority.